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CITY OF CORONADO <br />TRAFFIC OPERATIONS COMMITTEE <br />MEETING MINUTES <br />May 23, 2019 <br />A meeting of the Traffic Operations Committee (TOC) was held on Thursday, May 23, 2019, at 2 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Committee members Richard Grunow, Chuck Kaye, Jim Lydon, <br />Cliff Maurer, and Ed Walton were present. Principal Engineer Jim Newton was also present. <br />1.Minutes of the March 28, 2019, Meeting-Mr. Grunow moved to approve the minutes; Mr. Kayeseconded the motion and it passed 4-0, with Mr. Lydon abstaining. <br />2.Oral Communications -Joseph Pipenkotter stated that he supports installation of traffic controlat Fifth Street and D A venue. <br />3.Recommendation regarding a Request for Review of Turn Restrictions at the Intersection of PalmAvenue and Alameda Boulevard -Mr. Newton said the recommendation is to install a no right-tumrestriction between 2-6 p.m. along Alameda Boulevard at Palm A venue and to monitor Second Streetto determine if cut-through traffic increases as a result.Sara Andersen, 200 Palm A venue, expressed her concerns for the safety of children who live in <br />the neighborhood. She likes the idea of a right-turn restriction on Palm, but she thinks Second Street needs to be addressed as well, because a turn restriction on Palm will move the traffic to Second. Cars will take a right onto Second and then a right onto Palm. She is also concerned about speeding. Dean Nelson, 155 J Avenue, sees a major enforcement problem. He sees drivers look down Palm to see if there is any police activity and if there isn't, they turn. Any solution needs to be carefully <br />thought out because anything that is user friendly to residents will be blatantly ignored if there's no way to enforce it. Mr. Walton moved to prohibit right turns onto Palm Avenue from northbound Alameda <br />Boulevard between 2-6 p.m., Monday through Friday, with holidays exempted; Mr. Lydon seconded the motion and it passed 5-0. Mr. Maurer said staff will continue to pay close attention to this area and if the problem is shifted to Second, it will be brought back to the TOC. <br />4.Recommendation regarding a Request for Review of Pedestrian Facilities at the Intersection ofPalm Avenue, J Avenue, and Second Street -Mr. Newton reported that last month this intersectionwas reviewed to see if it met the criteria for the yield signs to be converted to stop signs and it didn't. <br />Public comments focused on the pedestrian volumes and the feeling that the intersection was notsafe.The direction was to take another look at the intersection to see if pedestrian improvements could <br />be made. Mr. Newton reviewed the intersection against the crosswalk installation criteria and the criteria were not met as the number of pedestrians was too low. Pedestrian ramp alignments were also looked at and he said the alignments could be adjusted to direct pedestrians along a more traditional path of travel. It is proposed that a future CDBG project target this area and make <br />pedestrian ramp improvements. Sara Andersen, 200 Palm Avenue, said the current ramp alignments send pedestrians into the <br />merging of all the streets. She does not allow her children to cross the street without her. Even if <br />Traffic Operations Committee Meeting Minutes -May 23, 2019 \\\ENPS\Shared\ENPS -Common\EN\Traffic\T.O.C\Agendas & Minutes\2019\Minutes 5-23-19.doc <br />1